NSFAS – Payment of outstanding study fees and registration in 2016


January 18, 2016 by Student 24/7 Blog

Dear Parents and students

The following principles are applicable to students with or applying for NSFAS bursaries:

  1. Students who have been admitted to the NWU and who have been allocated NSFAS funding will be allowed to register without any upfront payment.
  2. The criteria to qualify for NSFAS funding always depend on funds available.
  3. Returning students
    • Returning students who did receive NSFAS funding in 2015, and who passed 60% or more of their modules (NSFAS rules), will again be assisted with NSFAS funding.
    • The additional allocation will be put to use to assist returning students (who passed 60% or more of their modules and who qualify for NSFAS funding), that were underfunded or not funded at all in 2015 and had an outstanding balance in October 2015. These students will be allowed to register without an upfront payment, whether they have an outstanding balance or not.
    • Returning students who did NOT qualify for NSFAS funding in 2015, but do pass the NSFAS means test now in 2016, did NOT have an outstanding balance in October 2015, and who are academically deserving, will be assisted as far as possible by means of the special committee established per campus and as per consultation with the ISRC (please refer to nr 5 below).
  4. First-time entering students
    • First-time entering students with an APS count of 28 and more and greater than 60% average in grade 12 will be considered depending on place available according to the enrolment plan, in light of the fact that universities are not allowed to over-enrol and the availability of sufficient NSFAS funding. Preference will be given to students within the SET environment to ensure that we meet our SET enrolment target.
    • For those first-year students where there are too many successful applications, but not sufficient funds, preference will be given to the students with the highest average in Grade 12.
    • Please note that MOST of the students who did not qualify, have already received an SMS in December 2015 to indicate that they were not successful due to insufficient funds. (A detailed list of these students is kept in order to be sent through to the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and/or NSFAS as and when required.) Government will continue to work to ensure that all poor students are supported. To address this, the DHET will directly discuss mechanisms with each institution in line with enrolment plans, once the number of students affected is known.
  5. Individual student cases
    • Individual student cases will be considered on merit. The assessment will include consideration of the academic performance of the student and cases where a few modules are still outstanding for completion of a qualification.
    • When a student qualifies for a merit bursary for an amount that will cover at least the first payment, that student will be allowed to register.
    • Management, together with the campus student representative councils (CSRCs), will consider each case on merit, taking into account the availability of funds. The aim is to enable as many academically deserving and financially needy students as possible to register in 2016.
    • To this end there will be formal structures, such as the newly established registration committee, on each of the NWU’s three campuses (on which the CSRC will also be represented) to decide about individual cases. Only students who have not been able to register will be referred to these structures. Strict criteria will be used to determine if – in individual cases – the students will be able to register.

For any further enquiries, please contact Financial Administration on your respective campus:

Mafikeng Campus: Mr Etienne Mostert, (018) 389 2145
Potchefstroom Campus: Mr Greg Roberts, (018) 299 2614
Vaal Triangle Campus: Mr Herman Steyn, (016) 910 3300

Kind Regards
Elmarie de Beer
Executive Director: Finance and Facilities


5 thoughts on “NSFAS – Payment of outstanding study fees and registration in 2016

  1. neliswa mkhiize says:

    thank you for the information. i’m a student at the northwest of university in the vaal triangle i am doing my second year and i got an average of 66%,but the problem is i cannot find my student number on the list.please help


    • Hello. I have heard of other students who also applied, had the needed average and didn’t find their student number… but when they came on their registration day and went to finances, some then found that they we’re accepted. So stay strong for now, wait until your registration day and remember to go to the Bursary office. Otherwise, I do know that there are banks and eduloan on campus to help…


  2. poppy mafora says:

    Thank you for the information, as a concerned and worried parent, I tried by all means to settle 2015 outstanding fees and now I’m worried as my daughter didn’t receive any message for NSFAS,as I don’t have any registration fee and registration date is on tuesday,worried sick


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