Registration 2016… What to expect


January 18, 2016 by Student 24/7 Blog


January is always a mix of many emotions and actions. From receiving your matric results, handing them in for certification, going through the process of late applications… Or if you happen to be a senior or post graduate student; you have probably been working to save some money, or just catching up on the last few nights of peaceful sleep you may have before the real academic year begins.


No matter what may be your story… It all leads to one thing from 18 – 29 January… And that is registration! A time of meeting new friends, catching up with those from the year before, getting confused on where to go; and of course the ‘fun’ of standing in a line if you happen to sleep late.
Yet there have already been students on the first day who have been here as early as 04:00 this morning! (talk about the early bird…).

Now registration, whether you have gone through the process before or not, is a trying time. Making sure you are here as early as possible, trying to figure out if there is anything you are supposed to bring with you, freaking out if your bursary is accepted… It’s definitely not a pocket full of sunshine.

But there are some things I have learnt, not only as a former (and current post grad) student, but seeing it from the other side as a staff member for the Campus. And I have learnt a few tips and tricks of the trade. Here are a few things all students (and their parents, friends or guardians) should prep for when they plan on registering.

  1. Bring an umbrella AND a hat… Who knows if the weather will turn in a minute or hour. it will start all sunny then lead to monsoon weather, or the other way around. So be prepared!
  2. Bring water and snacks… Yes, you will stand in a line (it may be short or it may be long, but it will happen one way or another), so you need to make sure that you stay hydrated at all times. A snack to help keep up your energy is also a good idea. P.S. some extra pocket money in case you run out; so you can pop by the cafeteria to buy a little something extra if you need.
  3. Bring a copy (just in case) of your ID or passport (if you are an international student). it never hurts to have a copy just in case something happens with some paperwork…
  4. Bring your registration money. If you are worried about having the sum with you, then you can always pay ahead of time and just bring a receipt. If you are with a bursary… Then make sure to stop by the bursary and loan step in the registration process to make sure all is well and your registration fee is paid up.
  5. Bring a pen… yes this might sound strange, but technically, as a student, you should have one at all times (never know when you will need to write something down). There may be times that you will need to sign forms or papers during registration, and it is always handy to have your own pen so you don’t have to wait a lifetime for one.
  6. Parents… If possible… Drop off your kiddie and go have a nice breakfast and do some shopping. Your little boy or girl are all grown up now. It will be their responsibility to make sure they stand in the line, choose their subjects, pay any fees, get their student card photo done, etc. This not only makes the lines smaller and go faster, but it also helps with traffic congestion on campus and doesn’t have you standing in the sun or sitting in a hot car for half the day.
  7. Bring your best smile, and make sure your brain is on! If you have no student card… Then today you will have the photo taken that will be used for the next three of four years on your student card to identify you. So make sure the hair looks good, and the smile is on par! (Think Teen Vogue – happy and young, not moody and serious). In terms of the brain (which I know is on all the time, but should be on amber alert for now), this is because there will be names, people, subjects, e-mail addresses and student numbers to memorize. The quicker you memorize, the less problems there will be when the first day of actual class starts…

This little message is especially for you!

Make sure that you get a copy of the First Year Orientation programme! This little gem will help you know where to go and when for the next two weeks!

I think for now… This is all the tips I can give. BUT do not fear! There will be more tips, ideas, comments, and news for you…


Written by: Kinga Siejek (Chief Editor Student 24/7)


2 thoughts on “Registration 2016… What to expect

  1. Whoop! Whoop! Great start to 2016!


  2. I like the new format – way to go! Great start to 2016!


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