This week we have studied… Tonight we party!

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February 5, 2016 by Student 24/7 Blog

The first week of classes…

For some (seniors) a process they remember. Checking beforehand when and where classes are, writing down all the fun textbooks you will need, and of course, seeing all your friends again that you have missed during the holidays.

For first years, this may be a little bit different. Deciphering the timetable; with all it’s strange symbols and numbers. Being late for class, because you could have sworn it said 09:00 not 08:00. Ending up on the wrong side of Campus with only a few minutes until your next class. Looking around in class at all the new faces, and trying to see if there is that one person who will be your new best friend.

No matter the year, the start of the academic year is daunting on everyone. (Especially if you have to wake up early for 08:00 morning classes after being able to sleep late for so many weeks). But if there is one thing that can ease the pain, stress and confusion; it’s a good old fashion party.

And thanks to the Student Representative Council (SRC) and ORACIA (Oryx and Acacia) of the North-West University Vaal Triangle Campus (NWU Vaal), they have brought you your first party for the year!


An event where students can get together, listen to some good music, enjoy some good food, and just have a good time. BUT Social Fridays are even BETTER than just that! Students will have the opportunity to showcase some talents that may have been hiding behind textbooks. The event will see a variety of students perform poetry, sing, rap, and even has a few bands and DJs… Now THAT sounds like a party not to miss!

What makes the event extra special is that a percentage of the money will be added to the #EMBR (Education My Birth Right) Campaign of the SRC. But they will also be accepting non-perishable food which will go to a good cause.

NOT ONLY is all of this going to happen BUT there is a twist with the tickets! Depending on your love situation, you can choose between:
Green Ticket – Single
Red Ticket – Taken
Yellow Ticket – Complicated

So you never know if you may just find your forever love tonight!
P.S. – Be respectful of all who attend… The point is to have fun responsibly!

A student event, by students, for students, comprised of students, and acts performed by students… What more could a student ask for?



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