First Years Get Sporty!

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February 29, 2016 by Student 24/7 Blog

It seems the saying (if there is one) that there is more to a University than just academics seems to ring true on the North-West University Vaal Triangle Campus (NWU Vaal). This was the case on 29 January 2016, when the first years took to the fields and showed their sporting talents at the First Years Sports Day.

Each residence had a choice to play Netball, Ladies or Gents Soccer, or Basketball, and they did not disappoint!

The ladies showed how it’s done during the Netball games, with 5 of the residences taking part.
Match One: Ebukhosini 9 – 7 Thuthuka.
Match Two: Longfellow 11 – 5 Bohlale.
Match Three: Ebukhosini 2 – 10 Acacia.
The overall winners of the day for Netball, were ladies ladies of Acacia, not only for their playing, but for the cheers from their fellow supporters!

The ladies also went all out for the Ladies Soccer with Ebukhosini beating all three counterparts respectively.
Match One: Ebukhosini 9 – 7 Acacia.
Match Two: Ebukhosini 4 – 3 Jasmyn.
Match Three: Ebukhosini 4 – 2 Bohlale Village.
Making Ebukhosini the overall winners for the Ladies Soccer!

Now with the gents, only one game was played for Basketball, with:
Oryx 17-  Longfellow 17 to 2.
While this might seem like a ‘slam dunk’ for Oryx, the Longfellow gents did their best at holding their own, and both teams should be commended for the amount of running and jumping they had to do to make their residences proud on that hot day!

But the sport of the hour (or a few hours) was that of the Gents Soccer. The knockout quarter finals saw four matches being played. All teams (players and supporters) were rearing and ready as though you were watching the FIFA World Cup on Campus.
Match One: Oryx 2 – 0 Vergelegen
Match Two: Bohlale Village 0 – 7 Ebukhosini
Match Three: Faranani 3 – 4 Longfellow
Match Four: Kumba 3 – 4 Thuthuka

The semi-finals saw the four best residences square against each other in two matches to see who would make it to the finals!
Match Five: Oryx 6 – 7 Ebukhosini
Match Six: Longfellow 4 – 3 Thuthuka

After a light lunch, a quick break, and some good pep talk, the two winning residences, Ebukhosini and Longfellow played their last match. Working together, thinking quick, and keeping everyone on the edge of their seats, the game saw Ebukhosini winning by ONE POINT!
Match Seven: Ebukhosini 5 – 4 Longfellow

A BIG Congratulations to all residences that took part! We hope to see your residences at all future sporting events keep the same spirit and enthusiasm, for both the players and supporters.

A big Thank You must also go out to the Department of Student Affairs and the Sports Office for all their help on the day.

*Make sure to go to our Facebook page to see pics from all events on Campus!

Written by: Kinga Siejek (Chief Editor Student 24/7)

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