CSRC Elections -What are the House Rules?

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June 8, 2016 by Student 24/7 Blog

With nominations open from 1 June to 11 August 2016 for the upcoming Campus Student Representative Council elections at the North-West University Vaal Triangle Campus (NWU Vaal); any student interested must first know what the House Rules are (as you will be expected to follow them if you win).

So… What are these House Rules?
The House Rules is a standing document of the body responsible for representing the student community (this one specifically for the CSRC). The Rules give guidance and clarification on what is expected from the CSRC , as well as explaining what the CSRC is all about; the different portfolios and their respective responsibilities, who is eligible, as well as the ‘logisitcs’ of being in the CSRC (meaning the do’s and don’ts, how voting should work, and more).



So… What is the CSRC?
In case you weren’t 100% sure; the CSRC is the highest recognised student body at each respective Campus of the NWU. As the House Rules states, they “govern, bridge the gap between management and students, and serve as the mouthpiece of the entire NWU Vaal student body”.

So… What will be expected from me as a CSRC member?
There are quite a few important responsibilities that come with holding a position in the CSRC. In the House Rules, some include:

  • Managing organised student life on the campus concerened to assist in the realisation of the vivion of the University with regards to academics, culture, sport, residence and other relevant fields.
  • Maintain discipline over students in accordance with the relevant prescripts contained in this Statute, the Rules and the Constitution of the ISRC (Institutional Student Representative Council).
  • To place students needs and concerns at the centre of the operations of the CSRC.
  • Promote diversity.
  • Represent the interest of all students in all spheres of life in harmony of the constitutional policies.

So… Who can be in the CSRC?
Interested in being in the CSRC? Feel that you can make a difference? Just like any election or position in life, there are certain criteria you need to fill in order to be in the CSRC…

  • Any candidate must live in accordance to principles of the North-West University Vaal Triangle Campus in word and deed, to not have a history of poor behaviour and conduct.
  • Candidates for President must have already served on the CSRC for a complete term of office, or appointed due to no candidate (qualifying/applying) for the above-mentioned position, but must have served on previous CSRC.
  • Candidates for Vice-President must have at least served in previous CSRC.
  • Candidates for Secretary General must have at least served past of a team in previous CSRC or alternatively must have served full term in House Committee.
  • Oopen postfolio candidates must have served part of a team in a previous CSRC and/or on a full term in a House Committee or Affiliated Society.
  • Any person that has served on the CSRC for a full term may be nominated by the current CSRC in the subsequent term should there be an uncontested portfolio during elections, or a member of the current CSRC steps down and their portfolio was not contested.
  • A candidate may be available for more than one position, but not more than three (3) positions, on condition that they provide the electoral officer with a priority list prior to the elections (application form).

So… There is more to joining the CSRC than meets the eye. But if you meet the bill, and feel you have what it takes, the make sure to go to Ms. Lethiwe Kubheka from SEAL (Student Engagement and Leadership) in Building 25, Room G27.

REMEMBER: The deadline is 11 August 2016!



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