What’s in a name? SRC elections – Part 1

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July 1, 2016 by Student 24/7 Blog

Yes… It’s recess, BUT the North-West University Vaal Triangle Campus (NWU Vaal) doesn’t sleep! While the Campus may seem quiet with many students enjoying a well-deserved rest after a hectic first semester; behind the curtain, the Campus Student Representative Council (CSRC) is still hard at work preparing for the annual CSRC elections in August!


Now, while we all may know what positions there are, it doesn’t hurt to know a little more on what those positions entail, especially if you plan on nominating! We here at Student 24/7 have already published a few stories on how the process works, what the House Rules are, and who is eligible; but now it comes down to seeing what that job will require of a student (in-between studying and trying to keep up a social life). So we will help break it down a little, in case you haven’t had a chance to read through the House Rules yet (which you should do!).


There are two parts to the CSRC, we have the Executive Committee, and the Non-Executive Committee. Sounds easy enough? Well, let’s take a closer look at the Executive Committee to see if you have what it takes! **Remember, these are just SOME of the duties! For the full list, make sure to pop by Building 25, Room G27!


  • Chair CSRC meetings, mass meetings, liaison meetings and other meetings of the CSRC, contingent on the provisions of these rules of procedures.
  • Ensure the effective transfer of CSRC activities in co-operation with the retired Chairperson.
  • Compile a consolidated year program of the CSRC concerning organised student life, and to submit, at the beginning of the term, to the CSRC for approval and to the student community in general for attention.
  • Draft the budget of the CSRC in co-operation with the CSRC Treasurer, Vice Chairperson and Director of Student Affairs.
  • Act as liaison with the Rector of the Vaal Triangle Campus and the Director of Student Affairs on behalf of the student community, in order to promote mutual relations and to intercept and discuss problems.
  • Make all arrangements for the CSRC elections according to the rules of procedure of the CSRC for thr elections.
  • Continually sustain liaison with the Management Committee, and to take up problems or complaints of students with the Management Committee.

Vice Chairperson

  • To assist the Chairperson in the performance of the duties of the Chairperson.
  • To act as head organiser for the Reception and Introduction program for first year students of the CSRC.
  • Getting well posted on the House Rules and Internal Rules and of procedure of the CSRC as soon as possible after the beginning of the term of the CSRC.
  • Assisting and advising the CSRC particularly on all matters concerning constitutional affairs, and managing the drafting of new rules of procedures of the CSRC.
  • Keeping up-to-date with the national constitution and debates.
  • Assist CSRC members with portfolio work when necessary.
  • To appoint CSRC guardians for every residence.

Secretary General

  • Take delivery to all unfinished correspondences.
  • Take minutes of all CSRC meetings, meetings of the Executive, mass meetings and general meetings of parliament.
  • To give proper and timeous notice to the general student community by means of notices on noticeboards.
  • To act as Chairperson of the secretarial committee of the CSRC and to see that the secretarial policy of the CSRC is observed by all secretaries of the CSRC and its affiliated bodies.
  • To inform members of the CSRC at the beginning of the term of service of current procedures of meetings.Draw up a consolidated Year Plan of the CSRC and its activities.
  • Draw up a consolidated Year Plan of the CSRC activities.
  • Compiling a detailed inventory of CSRC equipment in co-operation with the CSRC Treasurer, and to see to it that all equipment is kept safely.
  • Provide administrative support to all portfolios of the CSRC.

Deputy Secretary

  • Assist with all functions ascribed to the Secretary General.
  • To maintain a central list of all fixtures concerning co-ordinating of students activities.
  • To see to the safe-keeping and neat state of all fixed and movable assets of CSRC.
  • Take responsibility for the regular service and maintenance of CSRC equipment.
  • Exercising control over the allocation and use of venues under the control of the CSRC.
  • Serve as the link between the Campus SRC and students of the North-West University Vaal Triangle Campus (NWU Vaal).
  • Provide administrative support to all portfolios of the CSRC.


  • Manage all executive financial aspects of the work of the CSRC according to the Financial Policy and the Rules of the Procedure for Treasurers of the CSRC.
  • Ensure that the financial policy of the CSRC and the rules of procedure for Treasurers are observed by the CSRC and all its affiliated bodies.
  • Submit a detailed Treasurer’s report to the CSRC at the end of their term for approval, and also to the student community in general for attention.
  • Act as Chairperson of the Financial Committee of the CSRC and to see to it that members, as well as Treasurers of affiliated bodies, manage and apply the funds allocated to them properly and according to the Rules of Procedures of Treasurers.
  • Control the use of University vehicles in the name of the CSRC.
  • Train their successor according to the constitution and the rules of procedure of the CSRC, for their task in ensuing term, as well as treasurers of councils and societies.
  • Be responsible for creating structures aimed at generating sponsorship for student activities.

There we have it! The Executive Committee of the CSRC!

If you feel that you can live up to these responsibilities, the make sure to get a nomination form, fill it in, and return BEFORE 11 August 2016 at Building 25 Room G27.




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