An inspiring event for the ladies

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August 12, 2016 by Student 24/7 Blog

The Longfellow residence of the North West University Vaal Campus hosted a first of its kind ‘Ladies Breakfast’ on the 30th July 2016.

The event focused on imperative issues each addressed by numerous guest speakers. The guest speakers were Mrs. Petunia Thembi Rosenberg, Ms. Winnie Sepeng and Ms. Tsholofelo Retlotlilwe Pooe. Each speaker addressed issues which were educating enlightening to women.

Mrs. Rosenberg addresses the importance of sisterhood throughout her speech, frequently illustrating the importance of women supporting each other. She shared insights from her personal life experiences and struggles in order to enlighten the audience about the pivotal importance of having a support structure from your fellow female friends. Her speech focused on motivating women to come to the realization that it is important for women to support and help one another rather than comparing themselves and enable unwanted rivalries.

“Why are we, as women, afraid to talk good about ourselves to other women? Why are we scared to say ‘I’m beautiful’ and ‘you are beautiful’ to another woman?” elaborates Rosenberg.


Ms. Sepeng addressed the corporate environment as a topic. She spoke about the importance of choosing the right career and gave an informative review regarding how women can easily adapt to the workplace. She addressed and emphasized the question: what do you want to be one day? Her gradual reference to the question inspired the audience to think about their goals and how they can implement and use their goals to have a purposeful life.


A member of the Student Counseling and Development, Ms Pooe, addressed the stern topic of HIV and other diseases. Her speech emphasized on issues such as the stigma and discrimination against women with HIV or other diseases. She entertained the thought that these women should not be treated differently but that they should be treated with respect and be allowed to experience the unity of static friendship.


This event proposed vital views on general topics which women are frequently confronted with. It inspired the audience to cultivate themselves and their sentiments in a positive regard.

“This event has changed the way I think about myself and other women. It was a great experience”, comments a student.


Written and photographed by Anjana Sivakumar.

Edited by Williene Uys.


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