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September 15, 2016 by Student 24/7 Blog

To provide high quality service and consultancy that empowers students to be psycho-socially well-balanced, career wise and well integrated citizens. This is the mission statement of the Department of Student Counselling and Development (SCD) at the North-West University Vaal Triangle Campus (NWU Vaal).

For the past few months, the Department not only lived up to the expectations set by the mission statement, but also played an important role in the holistic well-being of both students and staff on Campus. This year saw the introduction and continuation of several initiatives aimed at bettering the fate of needy students.

What SCD has to offer

One of the new initiatives is the Get Me to Graduate Project (GMTG) which was intiaited in April 2016. The project represents a dynaminc collaboration between the campus and Transcend Capital and aims at helping 100 final year students with food and grocery needs.

The Circle of Prosperity Project  was founded in 2014 and was introduced by the Finance Directorate in support of the ongoing Meal-A-Day Project. Through the project, academically deserving students (who currently benefit from the Meal-A-Day and with no visible means of financial support) are identified and offered an opportunity to register and repay their outstanding fees on completion of their studies. According to Mr Herman Steyn, Director of Finance, the project not only motivates academic excellence but also cultivates a culture of philanthropy amongst graduates. Mr Steyn explains that, “I would like to see that graduates who benefit from this project become donors and sponsors for the next generation of graduates. In short: a pay-it-forward chain reaction”. The best way to know if initiatives actually work? By hearing it from the students who are given the opportunity, such as in this following case:

“It is with the warmest of greetings and greatest pleasure that I write this letter to you. I would like to thank the Vaal Triangle Campus management and staff for truly supporting the dreams and aspirations of students like me. You have given me – and so many others, hope and strength to continue our studies and by doing so you opened the doors to many opportunities which we would have otherwise – because of our financial circumstances, missed out on. I am currently the top performing student in the BEd programme and I will continue to work hard and live my dream of becoming an educator. Thank you”

The annual Charity Begins at Home Project also donned a new jacket this year, with the campus community being asked to donate stationary, toiletries and warm clothes. In the spirit of Mandela Day, the project (which is held annually on 18 July) was extended to the end of August for maximum impact. According to Mrs Maggie Matsaneng, a Social Worker on campus, the project contributes to the overall wellness of students, in the sense that it not only provides for basic needs, but also influences academic achievement, betters self-esteem and increases confidence.

There is more the Campus than just classes

Above are just some of the initiatives and projects that the Vaal Campus has to offer its students. Understanding that students have more and need more in life than just going to classes in order to achieve overall greatness is a priority. If you would like to know more on what SCD has to offer for students, make sure to pop by Building 13 (Learning and Research Commons) and head up to the SCD offices, or have a look on their Facebook Page.


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