Campus closed due to arson attempt


September 26, 2016 by Student 24/7 Blog

Attention: During the early hours of this morning, there was an arson attempt on Building 1 (the main entrance) of the NWU Vaal Campus. Fortunately no one was injured and no damage to property was caused. Due to concerns for the safety of both students and staff on campus, all classes and campus activities will be suspended for today, until further notice.

There is a R20 000 reward for anyone with viable information that can lead to the apprehension of the involved perpetrators. If you have information please contact Kobus Potgieter at the Security Office on 016 910 3132 or 082 6654 386 Your anonymity will be guaranteed.

Further communication will follow throughout the day.

Regards, Campus Management


4 thoughts on “Campus closed due to arson attempt

  1. Stop stiking about BS says:

    Higher education is not a right, but a privilege, nothing is free so stop expecting everything to be handed to you and your groceries isn’t the university’s problem.


  2. Stop stiking about shit says:

    Higher education is not a right, but a privilege, nothing is free so stop expecting everything to be handed to you, you are not entitled to it. And your groceries is your own problem not the university’s. If everyone accept and own up to their own responsibilities then we won’t need to argue about shit.


  3. Thamsanqa says:

    Money cant resolve what student go through……. engage with student and try to come up with a sustainable resolution


  4. ninety nine says:

    u have money to give away…..but u cant support students in need of grocery


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