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January 4, 2017 by Student 24/7 Blog

An old wives tale I was once told as a child, is that the first 12 days of January can be a foreshadowing of the year ahead. Each day represents a month in the year, so 1 is January, 2 is February (and so on…). This has always made me want to make the most of the first 12 days, so I was careful to avoid fights, and wake up with a smile on my face in the hopes that each day was a happy and productive one.


For students, I would suggest finding the nearest Campus Calendar and making sure that the days (meaning months) that there will be classes and exams are made as pleasant and productive as possible now! Read a couple of books, start practicing writing 2017 (that pesky 2016 will try to pop up where it can), get your room study-ready…

In the days ahead, the matric students will be receiving their long awaited results and reports, as well as final confirmations on their acceptance to University. This is both an exciting and stressful time, where all the hard work from the year before will now show its results. To all of you, we say… GOOD LUCK! 2016 was a trying time for many, and you are all one step closer to becoming and fulfilling your dreams in 2017!

To all the students who will be coming back for another year of studies; we can’t wait to see you! We hope this year is even better than the last and that you do your best to make 2017 an even more epic ride than the last. Study hard, work hard, and reap the benefits of all you can achieve!


In the coming days, we will see many students making their way back to Campus for Registration for the 2017 academic year. We CAN’T WAIT to see all of you! We will do our best to be one step ahead for all of you, to make sure you are up-to-date on all that is happening on Campus, so you can be both academically on top, and socially in the know.

Last year the idea of NEW YEAR, NEW ME was popular… This year, we think it should be NEW YEAR, SAME ME. Why? Because you are all awesome already… Why change (unless for the better of course)…


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