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January 12, 2017 by Student 24/7 Blog

With classes just around the corner, there is still one more step that you have to go through (whether first year or senior) before you can start the academic year. That, dear students, is REGISTRATION.

While some of our first years are still waiting for their final confirmation of acceptance, and the seniors are still trying to enjoy a few more late mornings; it never hurts to already start preparing for the day that most of us know can be quite long… So this little post will help give you the basics of what to expect, what to bring, as well as anything else we feel can help to make sure the day and the process goes smoothly, and we all end up happy and registered for the year!



Registration is something all students have to go through.  Registration is done in order to ensure that you take the correct subjects for the year, change certain courses if need be, add a course or two from last year, and of course make sure that all your details, and payments are up-to-date (OH! and don’t forget the dear study guides…)

Registration is spread out in a few weeks, with specific dates for specific courses. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, with over 7 000 students on Campus; one day for registration just wouldn’t work… So the more it is spread out, the more time lecturers have to discuss the year ahead with each student to make sure that they take the right courses. Secondly, the reason for different courses being on specific dates is to ensure that the student discusses all they need to with a lecturer in the same field, that way any questions the student might have will be better answered. And of course, this also is a good way for both staff and students to get an idea of who their lecturers might be for the year…

Even with the process spread out, it can still be a hectic day. So a friendly tip? Wait for YOUR day to register. Yes, you want to go as soon as possible and get it over and done with… But if EVERYONE thinks that way, we will have TONS of students on the first day and can you imagine the lines then?


In the past, there was one way to register – physically at the Campus. While of course, this is the tried and tested way (it can still be long and tiring for both staff and students). But fear not! There are now TWO ways to register!

  1. Online – If you happen to be tech savvy, then ONLINE REGISTRATION is the way to go! BUT make sure you register when you are supposed to!
    SENIORS can register from 11 January – 10 February
    FIRST YEARS can register from 23 January – 03 February
    To know more about the registration process, take a look at the online registration INFO.
    To make the process even easier, we also have the guidelines for online registration on our webpage.
  2. On Campus – For those who prefer the ‘classic’ route… We will of course still have our physical registration on Campus. Just make sure to be here on the right day!
    FIRST YEARS – 23 January – 25 January
    SENIORS – 26 January – 3 February
    Each day will see different courses and fields, so make sure you go on the correct date for what you are studying! Have a look for the FIRST YEAR and SENIOR dates.


For online registration make sure you click info above to see how to follow the process. You need to make sure the minimum fees are paid, otherwise your registration will only be conditional, and you will have to finish the rest on campus!

If you are going to be on campus for registration, then:
1. FIRST YEARS – make sure you have your Matric Certificate, your ID/Passport, and academic record (if you studies at another university previously).
2. SENIORS – make sure you have your student number, ID (just in case), Passport (International Students).
3. EVERYONE – Bring a black pen (you will be required to fill in or sign some documents, so come prepared!)

  • ALSO, if you are going to be on Campus, there are a few other things that would be useful to have with you:
    – STUDENT NUMBER (memorize that baby!)
    – Registration fee
    – Acceptance letter (first years, just in case)
    – An umbrella (for rain or shine)
    – Something to drink (keep hydrated!)
    – A snack
    – Wear comfy shoes and clothing (registration is not a fashion catwalk, no one to impress with your style, impress with your brain!)
    – Sunscreen (unless you are aiming to look like a lobster)
    – Good bag (for those ‘lovely’ study guides)


If there is one thing that stresses anyone out (especially in January) its fees… Registration fees are part of the registration process, and must be paid in order for the process to be completed.

The amount for registration may vary (depending on whether you are staying at a Residence or not). For the full amount, where and how to pay, and other info, have a read through the fees payable info

Remember, there is also an exception for the missing middle, so please make sure you read up on that here and fill out the relevant forms. For more info on how to qualify, apply or send the form, you can contact:
016 910 3157


So, you are a first year… Last year you were a big fish in a big pond, and now… a big fish in the whole ocean! While it’s not as scary as being a Grade 8 student again, there are some differences to how your first few weeks of January will be compared to the seniors… (They went through it, and now it’s your turn). NOTHING SCARY! But rather, the Department of Student Affairs have found a way to make sure that your registration and later academic year are MUCH EASIER. How you may ask? It’s a little thing called Orientation…

Orientation is a way to help all first years get to grip with what it means to be a University student. Keep a look out for our blog post on the Orientation Programme and what to expect everyday.

Just remember dear first years… Orientation is COMPULSORY. If you miss something, you will be behind (during the time there are some tests you HAVE to complete).


There we have it! A crash course in registration done and dusted! If you still feel like knowing more (which we admire), you can always have a look on our page dedicated to all things REGISTRATION.

Stay strong dear students! You are one step closer to achieving your dreams!





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