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January 23, 2017 by Student 24/7 Blog

So, THAT time of year has finally come! The registration period is here! Now, as we said in a previous post, NOT all students are meant to register on the first day. For the next few weeks, not only will there be registration for all students, BUT the Orientation Programme will come into full swing for all our first year students as well! Being a senior, means that all you need to worry about (or rather hope for) is to register as early as possible, so you can still have some time to relax, or go through your study guides for the semester (to prepare – yes… some students actually do this!)


Why only certain courses each day?

Well, you have to remember… Our campus has over 7 000 students… And each one needs to spend time going through the WHOLE process of registration… ESPECIALLY making sure they spend enough time with the subject advisers (which may be their lecturers for the year), to make sure they take the correct subjects to pass!

From 23 January – 25 January, will see all first years register for their courses. The registration dates are different for the different courses so make sure you DEFINTELY come on the day YOUR course registers!
Senior undergraduates and Post Grad students will be registering from 26 January – 3 February.

How come first years are… well… first

We start with the first years, because the day after they register they begin the Orientation Programme while everyone else is registering. This ensures that by the last Friday before classes start; not only are all students registered, BUT all the first years have completed Orientation and are a little wiser and more prepared for what will come on the first ‘proper’ Monday (by this we mean the first day of actual class – STRONGS if you start on a Monday!)

What do I bring with me when I register?

Here is a quick list of what you should have handy when you register:

  • ID Document
  • Student number
  • Registration fee (Unless with a bursary – BUT make sure to stop by Bursary step!)
  • Passports and accompanying documents (For International Students)
  • Final Matric results (for first years – just in case)
  • Black Pen
  • Umbrella (for Rain OR Shine)
  • Water (Keep hydrated)
  • Bag (For your study guides – which are A4 size)

Where do I go?

Fear not! While it may seem daunting and a bit scary when you get to Campus and see students and parents EVERYWHERE (especially by Building 24 and 25), there is no need to panic… There are staff members and students walking around in red shirts and vests that will help make sure you get to where you need to go… So if you are not sure where a line starts, ends, or in which of the different lines you need to be… Make sure you walk up, say hello and politely ask where you need to go.

What you can also do… Is have a look at the Registration Steps to be a prepared for the day in advance… Know which steps you NEED to take, and which ones you can skip so you don’t waste too much time, and can leave and relax for the rest of the day…


So… There we go! The basics of what you need to know when you register… We will try to keep you updated daily (especially on our Facebook page) on who is registering when… So you don’t miss you date!

And we can’t wait to see you around Campus!


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