It’s that time of year: VARSITY CUP!

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January 27, 2017 by Student 24/7 Blog

Do you remember where you were when NWU won the Varsity Cup last year? For students who saw the momentous and nail-biting game from the North-West University Vaal Triangle Campus (NWU Vaal); they were sitting just outside Building 6, on a chilly night, with a cup of warm soup (and some having a braai) watching and cheering the team on until the very end.



That end though! You could feel the tension as the seconds passed over into extra time.  The final verdict between a loss or a win being (at what felt like) millimeters away… It became a blur of tries, scrummages, passes, and penalties; with everyone shouting: RUN! RUN FASTER! COME ON BOYS YOU CAN DO IT! It was a final that had staff and students cheering, hugging and singing so loud we were quite positive the rugby team could hear it all the way  in Cape Town.

Our boys are back for more!

This year will see our NWU boys fight to keep the name of CHAMPION all to themselves yet again. For the next nine weeks (every Monday night), the NWU team will play against all the other universities to make their way as one of the four teams in the semi-finals, and then, of course, as one of the two teams in the finals.

Their first game is just a few days away! On 30 January at 19:00, will see FNB NWU go up against FNB UJ (University of Johannesburg) at UJ Stadium! Catch it on the big screen at Building 6 on Campus!


Let’s show our support!

Whether you are at a game, watching on TV, checking on the web, refreshing a Varsity Cup social media page A link to them is at the bottom) every few minutes, or having a sleep or studying (you will check the scores in the morning), you show your support for our boys! But why not show the rest of the Campus as well? How you may ask? Well, there are a few different ways!

To keep the NWU spirit going, we give you a challenge! Every Monday, for the next few weeks (until our last game – hopefully in the finals again), we want YOU to show your support! If you are a first year, senior, post grad, alumni, staff member, have a parent/ friend who studies/d with NWU; or even if you know someone who knows someone who stepped foot on a Campus of ours… Here is what you do:

Make sure to wear a shirt in either GREEN, RED, or BLUE (our University colours).
P.S. We have cool shops on the Campuses where you can get some REALLY funky clothing in these colours with NWU in nice bold letters to show your NWU-ness (I am making this a word…)
OR we also have the official Varsity Cup shirts for this year! They are awesome (I mean, this is what the front graphic looks like…)

Take a selfie, or get someone to take a pic! Be it by yourself, with some friends, a lecturer… YOU NAME IT! Have some fun with filters, think of a good title, then post it anywhere and everywhere on social media (just keep it tasteful). Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, heck… e-mail it to people if you like!

BUT make sure to have the following hashtags so we can make sure our team sees it:
– #MyNWU
– #VarsityCup10

Not only is it a fun way to show your pride and support (and sorts out the decision of what to wear on Mondays), but it’s a great way to bring the Campuses together, and make some new friends who love the sport just as much as you do!


To the FNB NWU team… Know that we are all backing you boytjies! We are proud of you no matter what, and will be cheering you from your first game to the last!

How to check on the Varsity Cup

Facebook – Varsity Cup (@varsitycup)
Twitter – @varsitycup
Instagram – varsitycupsa
Youtube – Varsity Cup





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