First day of Class: Ummm… where is the class?

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February 6, 2017 by Student 24/7 Blog

Today is the day!

All the December relaxing and January registering has led to THIS day! The first day of actual classes! Watching students for the past few years (and having my own interesting memories of my first day) I have come to notice that everyone has some sort of first day… Be it interesting, confusing or boring.


I remember my first day 

First Year – I woke up extra early (because I was carpooling with a friend… BTW her mom drove us to Campus). Got my bag packed, my hair tamed (somewhat), and my lunch packed (I know; I was still in high school mode).

Still wasn’t 100% sure how the timetable worked, and decided to follow the advice of a senior I met the week before (they told me to bring all my study guides as the classes are more than likely to all change in that one day). So… as we get to campus, my friend and I hop out the car, hoist our VERY heavy bags on our shoulders, and wave her mom good-bye. At first, everything seemed fine… But after decoding the timetable, we realised we only had class later that afternoon, and wound up walking around on Campus (with those bags) on what felt like the hottest day EVER!

By the time we actually had our class; my shoulders were red and raw (a combination of heavy bag, and wearing a tank top while walking around aimlessly in the sun). By the time I got home, I was sore, tired, and vowed to NEVER listen to ‘tips’ from someone who clearly is hiding a giggle. There may have been more to that memory, but I have a feeling my brain has been kind enough to erase or block it from my mind…

The years after that weren’t as bad… or… again my brain has decided to block out painful memories. But not all first days a horrible… Looking back at it now… That first day was also the first day I met a gal, who would, through the years, become my enemy, best friend, and later sister… Yes, enemy first (though I don’t think she knew that then, hehe).

Make your first day count!

This is the day that will decide your fate for the next few years… Sounds foreboding doesn’t it? What I mean by that; is if from TODAY if you start attending all your classes, pay attention, take notes (this actually IS important! Some students don’t even pitch to class with a pen), and realise NOW that University is not a joke; THEN… the tests will go easier, the days will pass faster, and before you know it, you will be standing on a stage and be conferred as a graduate of the North-West University.

BUT also make it a first day to remember! Take a selfie with your lecturer, take pics with your new class mates, post your memorable moment on Facebook; something! So when you look back on this day, you can say that today was a day for the history books, the day that will stay with you for life!

Don’t be afraid to share your pics and memories with us! Post them on NWU Vaal Student 24/7, or use the tags #NWUVaal and #MyNWU on all your social media, so we can see how great you made today!




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