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March 1, 2017 by Student 24/7 Blog

“I’m in nobody’s circle. I’ve always been an outsider”-Joan Rivers

This famous quote by Joan Rivers might, for some, just be an ordinary quote. However, for some of us this quote defines our lives. This quote is a life definition, a creed, a mantra, for those dwelling through life always stumbling and tumbling over social conventions, new fashions and collective norms.


Williene Uys, Editor for Student 24/7

Maybe you are one of the unlucky-lucky ones to which these statements are applicable. Maybe you are that one friend that doesn’t understand Star Wars in a group of friends whose conversations centre around the saga.  Maybe you are that one friend who did not see the need to have a Billabong shirt or Converse sneakers just because everyone else thought it was cool. Maybe you are that person lurking shyly in the corner while your friends and family are having a good time.

Throughout my entire life, I have been the above mentioned. And somehow I always blamed myself for feeling left out or standing at the outside instead of being part of the crowd. I thought there was something wrong with me, because I have just never had the ability to ‘fit in’. Maybe you are just like me. Maybe you were and still are an outsider.

It took a very peculiar event to adjust and transform my cryptic and skeptic view about life, as well as myself.  I while ago I was invited to attend the Vaal Triangle Inter-High athletics event to assist in judging the respective schools’ spirit.  I was standing, again, on the outside of a crowd, judging and observing from afar when suddenly it hit me. I was standing in the most advantageous and beautiful spot. I could see, hear, and feel everything so explicitly even though I was standing on the outside. I realised there and then that being part of the crowd is not always the best.


The best might be on the side-line, where you have the privilege to experience everything from a different perspective. You as an outsider have the honour to have a peculiar and unique viewpoint, a viewpoint that the crowd will never be able to have. That day I realised a few things. You do not need to fit in, you need to stand out. You do not need to be part of the crowd to enjoy life. Whatever your view is, that view is the best. Deviate from the crowd because that is who you are. And that is what makes you so unique. There is nothing ‘outside’ about being an outsider.

So whenever you feel like and outsider again because you don’t join the crowd or adhere to social conventions or wear the latest fashions, just remember that sometimes the most beautiful view is from the outside.

Written by: Williene Uys (Editor – Student 24/7)

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