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March 8, 2017 by Student 24/7 Blog

I think many ladies will agree, that being a young woman should come with a manual. There is a lot more to it, than most people (usually men) don’t realize; and while women are sometimes stereotyped as being the more emotional and talkative of the genders; there are still things that they have problems expressing and talking to others about.

The Thuthuka residence made being a young woman, with many questions, a little easier, by hosting their Sisters Let’s Talk event. The event saw ladies from different residences come together, and find a safe place to speak and learn from one another on some of the things that should make them cautious but also proud to be a woman.


Sister Mapeete Rasoaisi

“The main reason for being here (University) is to get a degree. We can’t force you not to have intercourse, but we can educate you on how to be safe”

The first speaker of the night, was Sister Mapeete Rasoaisi, from the Campus Clinic, who gave insight into different types of contraceptives, as well as how they work. “We are all different, with differences in our hormones, so the same contraceptives won’t work the same for everyone,” explained Sr Rasoaisi. Sr Rasoaisi went on to inform how contraceptives are designed to help in preventing pregnancy, and reminding that condoms are not 100% effective against pregnancy, so to be safe, everyone should be protected. After explaining the differences and their possible side effects, the students then asked a few questions such as:

  • Why should I not use an implant? (Among other effects, you may become anemic)
  • How long would it take before I can conceive after no longer using contraceptives? (This will vary from lady to lady, as well as depending on the type on contraceptive. With an implant it may be very soon afterwards, with the Pill it may be around 6 months, and after the Injection it may take about 9 months. Ladies should also wait around 14 days after stopping contraceptive before trying. And always remember to consult and follow a doctor’s supervision to balance your body and hormones)

Ms Thandeka Shabangu

“It takes time to heal – it’s a process – but you need to deal with your emotions – don’t let anyone EVER use your body as an excuse to make THEM feel good”

The second speaker, was Ms Thandeka Shabangu, a student on Campus, who is also a runway model by profession. “As models, we are often stereotyped; but, as women, we have all been through such nonsense” stated Thandeka. From being judged and criticized by both men and women; to being body-shamed cat-called and victimized. Thandeka was unfortunate to be such a lady who fell victim to abuse, but has slowly but surely overcome this and in the process founded a campaign with fellow female models: My Beauty is not your excuseThe campaigns aim to “to reassure young women living in pain that you can conquer it and become the best version of yourself.” They work together with the Pad a Girl Foundation, where they visit disadvantaged schools to speak to young girls.


Ms Sinesipho “Sweety” Zwane

If there is one lady speaker of the night that had everyone’s attention and full respect by the end of her speech, it was that of Sinesipho ‘Sweety’ Zwane, the current Health & Safety Officer of the SRC (Student Representative Council). Sweety  reminded the students that “life is short, don’t waste it,” but to rather live each day to its fullest, because you never know when life will drop hurdles on your path.


Ms Vanessa Masilo

“I see myself as Superwoman. Oprah (Winfrey) has nothing on me”

Truer words could not have been said, of how all women should see themselves from Ms Vanessa Masilo. For such a young lady, she already has some great achievements under her belt, with not only being a Brand Ambassador for Brand South Africa,  but she is also the founder and CEO of Krystal Klear Visiona company that provides environmental, quality, occupational health, safety and IT services to both the public and private sector. Vanessa imparted some tips to the ladies to both strive and live by:

  • Live a purposeful – live in the moment and understand why you are here. Understand who YOU are, where YOU come from and where YOU want to be.
  • You need to be passionate and have perseverance for the long term goals. Don’t only for for the ‘pass’, but look beyond that.
  • Be committed. Ask yourself, why are you here and what are you hoping to achieve?
  • But also don’t be hard on yourself. Live YOUR life and run YOUR race and YOUR own pace.
  • Stay focused on the end result… But also enjoy life and smile as often as you can.

Ms Puseletso Ntabanyane

“The parties are here (at University), and they will stay here; but your academics will take you further”

One of our very own alumna, Ms Puseletso Ntabanyane, wh completed her undergraduate degree in BCom Economics and Risk Managament, as well as an Honours in BCom Risk Management, and is now lucky enough to be working at her dream job as a Corporate Banker at Rand Merchant Bank.
Puseletso was invited to speak about her time at the NWU Vaal, and encourage the students to use all the resources available to them. “Attend social, cultural and transformation events; join many societies; they DO make a difference,” she stated. Puseletso went on to explain that the students are very fortunate to be studying at the North-West University (NWU), and that while the environment may take some time to adjust to, they need to be mindful of not only themselves, but also of not disappointing their parents. The time you spend, the things you do, and even the company you keep while at NWU may determine what happens to you in the future described Puseletso.


After all the guest speakers had imparted their knowledge and advice, Ms Nomshado Masango, the Student Supervisor of the Thuthuka residence thanked all the ladies for coming, and reminded them that such an event was to give them an overview of why they are really here (University). Ms Basetsana Mahlaba, the Health and Safety Officer for Thuthuka residence then thanked all the speakers, her fellow Thuthuka House Committee members, and to all the female students who attended the event.





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